Power Door Lock System and Remote Keyless System

There are two types of car door lock system used today, Power Door Lock System and Remote Keyless System. Let us learn about these car door lock systems in brief.

Power Door Lock System
Power Door Lock System is the most widely used car door lock system. Power Door Lock allows the driver (or other individual) to lock and unlock all the car doors at once (simultaneously), by pressing the power switch of the lock.


Power door locks are also known as electric door locks or central car locking system. It is the most secure and easy way to simultaneously lock or unlock all the doors of the vehicle.

Power door locks were developed by luxury car makers, Scripps-Booth and was introduced in 1914. For many years, Scripps-Booth’s power door lock system was only found in luxury cars. But in year 1956, Packard (another luxury car maker) reintroduced the power door lock system and made it common for all vehicles. Today, almost every vehicle uses this power door lock system.

Remote Keyless System

Remote Keyless System is a keyless door entry system that uses an electronic lock controls to lock and unlock vehicle’s door. The remote keyless system requires pressing of a key that signals predetermined numeric code to the vehicle’s lock system to lock and unlock the vehicle.

Remote keyless systems was introduced in the French made car, Renault Fuego in 1982. The system gained popularity and became widespread after 1989.

Remote keyless system is also called keyless entry or remote central locking system. The system refers to a lock mechanism that uses an electronic remote control (that contains pre-progammed numeric lock code) as a key. The remote lock system is activated by using a handheld device. The remote keyless system are of two types (often combined in a single key switch), remote keyless entry system (which lock and unlock the doors) and a remote keyless ignition system, which starts the engine.